Silverline Accelerates Buyer Journeys by 22% with Madison Logic

“We couldn’t easily engage our prospects with a unique message based on their stage,” Resnick said. “We didn’t have the tools to bring good personalization and timing until we found Madison Logic.”

Key Results:

  • 18% nurture path speed increase
  • 9% lead conversion rate increase
  • 7.5% buyer journey stage time - decrease
  • 22% time to close decrease
  • 195% ROAS

What to expect from our call


We want to understand where you are in your ABM journey. Tell us where you are, where you are trying to head and what your current pain-points are


Want to see the ML Platform in action? Want to chat about ABM intent, lead gen or display? We can cover it all, and then schedule time for a demo.

A little bit about us

This call is for you, and about you, but we can give you an initial overview of our solutions and how we can partner on your goals.

Accounts we reach

We can have a discussion about your ideal customer profile, what is trending and who you would like to target.

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